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Florida Putative Father Registry

How to Register With, Update or Search the Florida Putative Father Registry

All of the applications can be completed online using your computer.After completing your application please print, sign, and mail it to the address on the form.

Filing a Claim of Paternity:

A $9.00 filing and indexing fee for filing a claim of paternity is required and must be submitted with the Florida Putative Father Registry.

A Claim of Paternity form may be filed at any time prior to the child's birth BUT a claim of paternity may not be filed after the date a petition is filed for termination of parental rights.

The child's birth record is not impacted by such a claim and if the father wishes to be listed on the birth record as father, he must have the mother's agreement or seek an order from a court of competent jurisdiction. Sections 382.013 and 382.016, Florida Statutes, provide for voluntary paternity acknowledgment by both parents.

A man is presumed to be the biological father if:
  • The minor was conceived or born while the father was married to the mother;
  • The minor is his child by adoption;
  • The minor had been established by court proceeding to be his child;
  • He has filed an affidavit of paternity by acknowledging paternity in conjunction with the child's mother at the hospital at the time of child's birth or by subsequently filing an acknowledgement of paternity in conjunction with the child's mother with the State Office of Vital Statistics both of which constitutes the establishment of paternity as provided for in section 742.10, Florida Statutes.
Updating Information in Registry or Filing a Revocation:

A Revocation of Claim of Paternity may be made at any time prior to the birth by filing a Florida Putative Father Registry - Update to Registration form.

This form is also used for updating previously provided information in the claim of paternity or naming a representative or agent. There is no fee required for updating a previously filed claim of paternity.

Searching the Registry:
  1. In each termination of parental rights or each adoption proceeding filed under Chapter 63, Florida Statutes, a search of the Florida Putative Father Registry shall be requested by the petitioner using the Florida Putative Father Registry - Application for Search form.
  2. A petitioner eligible to request such a search is defined in s 63.541, Florida Statutes as:
    1. An adoption entity; upon filing of a request for a diligent search of the Florida Putative Father Registry in connection with the planned adoption of a child.
    2. The registrant unmarried biological father, upon receipt of notarized request for a copy of his registry entry only.
    3. The court, upon issuance of a court order concerning a petitioner acting pro se in an action under this chapter.
  3. A $9.00 Search fee is required for searching the registry.
  4. A certified certificate shall be issued by this Office of Vital Statistics as to the results of the search.
The Office of Vital Statistics has no legislative requirement for following up with an applicant after the initial search and advising of any claim that has been received subsequent to the initial search. Depending on where you are in the legal proceedings process, this may mean that you must again search the registry for filing with the court. Florida law requires that the registry be searched at the time a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights or adoption proceedings are filed.

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